Program Learning Outcomes

  • Literature Department Undergraduate

    Program Learning Outcomes


    Students who complete the Literature major should emerge with the following knowledge and skills:


    PLO 1.

    A capacity for critical analysis of texts that is attentive to:

    1. the formal structures, genres, and rhetorical strategies of different kinds of writing, public

      discourse, and media;

    2. the historical and social contexts of such texts;

    3. the role cultural and linguistic difference play in the interpretation of texts read in

    translation and in a language not one's own.


    PLO 2:

    Effective written communication that demonstrates the following abilities:

    1. to evaluate multiple interpretations of texts;

    2. to write effective argumentative prose;

    3. to situate texts in relation to a critical/theoretical tradition;

    4. to design and initiate a substantive independent project of research or creative activity.


    PLO 3:

    Experience reading a variety of texts:

    1. from a breadth of world cultures and traditions;

    2. from different historical periods, including the pre-modern;

    3. originally written in languages other than English.