Undergraduate Program

Literature at UCSC is a lively, innovative, and dynamic program with an international reputation. With over 600 students and 150 Bachelor's degrees awarded each year, Literature is one of the largest and most popular departments on campus. Literature courses and programs range from ancient Greece to contemporary Hollywood—and often bring out surprising continuities between the two. They also span the globe, with offerings in seven languages in the original and many others in translation. Reading, writing, and thinking are pleasures for the mind and senses, as well as tools for seeing the world in new and unexpected ways.

Introductory courses, open to all undergraduates, focus on topics from myth to digital texts. Three different concentrations offer Literature majors the choice to focus on exposure to a variety of world literary traditions, national or linguistic traditions, or creative writing. A careful advising structure, accessible online and through direct contact with faculty and staff, assures students’ progress through the major requirements. Student resources include several publications staffed by undergraduates, informal study groups, and events featuring visiting writers and thinkers.

After graduation, students with degrees in Literature typically begin careers in publishing across various media; in teaching at all levels; in public service, law, and international relations. Many also go on to graduate school. Whatever path they choose, their powers of expression and analysis are highly prized. Please visit the UCSC Career Center for career-related information associated with the Literature major.