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Literature Graduate Student Handbook
Graduate Division Student Handbook

Graduate Division Forms:
Download Graduate Division Forms (Committee Forms, Enrollment & Status, Summer Session, QE/ATC, Degree Application and Commencement, Thesis/Dissertation Submission, Doctoral "Exit Packet") 

Literature Department Forms:
Advisor or Committee Change (Google Form)
Independent Study, Special Student Seminar, and Directed Reading Form (Google form)
Intent to QE Form (Google Form)
Requirement Waiver Form (Google Form)
Literature Designated Emphasis Application (pdf)

Resources for Current Students
The above link is a secure space for current literature graduate student resources (QE & ATC Resources, Job Search Information, Fellowship Application Guidelines). In this drive, you will find the current handbook, resources and example materials for the qualifying exam portfolio and job market portfolio, and sample syllabi for Creative Writing classes. All students are encouraged to upload and share their own materials and examples on this site.




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