The Dickens Project

December 06, 2021



The Dickens Project is an international research consortium and community outreach organization based at UCSC and dedicated to creating communities around the study of 19th-century literature. The Project’s mission since its founding in 1981 has always been both academic and public-facing: it seeks not only to produce cutting-edge research about 19th-century literature and culture and to foster graduate student development, but also to engage the community at large in reading 19th-century novels and generating new ways to understand their relevance to our current moment.

Through its coordinated program of conferences, seminars, workshops, secondary school programming, and especially its annual week-long summer institute—the Dickens Universe—the Dickens Project not only helps to shape the direction of 19th-century Anglophone studies nationally and internationally, but also creates opportunities for senior citizens, K-12 teachers, high school students, and book lovers from all walks of life to produce new literary knowledge in and for themselves and their communities.

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