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November 14, 2017


LIT 61J. Introduction to Jewish Literature and Culture

Instructor: Bruce Thompson

3,000 YEARS OF JEWISH LITERATURE IN TEN WEEKS?  From King David to Philip Roth?  Impossible!  Yet LIT 61J highlights a succession of masterworks over three millennia, searching for distinctive features of Jewish literary creativity, while savoring the diversity of Jewish literature from the era of biblical narrative to that of the modern novel.

General Education Code: ER.

LIT 61T. Travel Narratives

Instructor: Sharon Kinoshita

Walk across Afghanistan, drive along the Great Wall of China, journey to little-known lands, and record your adventures! Discover how travel and travel narratives have served over the centuries to uncover an exotic other, reflect on one’s own culture, and explore the self.

General Education Code: CC.

LIT 80Y. Harry Potter

Instructor: Renee Fox

Why are the Harry Potter books and movies a global phenomenon? Read all seven Harry Potter books, exploring your own relationship to the novels and the novels’ relationship to literature and culture. From English boarding schools to sports history to werewolf lore to fan fiction, we’ll investigate the series’ relationship to multiple literary traditions.

General Education Code: TA.

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