Recent Dissertation Titles

L'Italia Meticcia Being and Belonging in the Black Mediterranean
Samantha Syana Smythe, 2017

Filipino Poethics: Reading the Philippines beyond the Object/Subject Divide
Fritzie Mae A. de Mata 2017

Memoryscapes: Women Chart the Post-Trauma City in 20th and 21st Century Latin America
Katharine G. Trostel, 2017

"This Poem Which Is Not Your Language" Jewishness, Translation, and the Historical Philosophy of Adrienne Rich, 1968-1991
Hannah Edber, 2017

The Protestant Reformation and the English Amatory Sonnet Sequence: Seeking Salvation in Love Poetry
Lauren Shufran, 2017

Anxious assumptions: Anxiety, experience, and literary representation in modernity
Brian Clack, 2017

The Beginning: Tel Quel in the 1960s
Matthew Landry 2016

Romance: The emulation of empire
Martha E. Bonilla, 2016

Echo-critical Poetic Narcissisms: Being Transformed in Petrarca, Ronsard, and Shakespeare
Melissa A. Yinger, 2016

Urban space and national Memory: The narratives of Berlin, Prague, and Gdańsk
Erica Gale Smeltzer, 2016

The time of space and the space of time in "Benito Cereno" and "The Magic Mountain": Towards a comparative utonian reading
Zachary Montgomery, 2016

Violent inscriptions: Border crossings in early nineteenth-century American literary history
Lisa Schilz, 2016

Armies of the dispossessed: Labor, landscape, and representation in John Steinbeck's "The Grapes of Wrath"
Nicholas A. Norman, 2016

Making America / Makhn Amerike / Haciendo la América Jewish immigrants write the Americas (1880-1990)
Joanna Meadvin, 2016

Deciding the letter: Reading, ethics, and language politics in Ancient Greek and contemporary US Latina/o literatures
Kendra A. Dority, 2016

The speculative agency of nonhuman: Animal, object, and posthuman worldings
Sophia Booth Magnone, 2016

"Huerto nuestro que nos hizo extraño": Poetics of (un)translatability in Chilean literature across the Americas
Mark Jones, 2016

Melville's Montaigne: Essayism, Anamnesis and Allegories of Reading
Alexander B. Cargol, 2016

After the 'post-sixties': A cultural history of Utopia in the United Statesii
Madeline Lane, 2016

The bitten word: Feminine jouissance, language, and the female vampire
Shelby Wilson, 2015

 “Avant-Garde” to “Experimental”: Reading Poetry After the 1960s
Keegan Finberg, 2015

Figures of Voice in Early Modern Europe
Ariane Helou, 2015

Figuring Futures:  Early Asian American Mixed-Race Literature
Melissa Poulsen, 2015

The Texte-Fleuve and Infinity:  The Play of Finitude and Endlessness in Proust, Woolf, and the Open World Video Game
Sophie Rollins, 2015

Wetland Americas:  Mapping a Literary History of New Orleans
Matthew Suazo, 2015

The (Dis)Unity of the Western Modern Project
Shawna Vesco, 2015

Las aguas de los mares occidentales: The Latin Pacific imaginary
Kendra Poppy, 2015

The texte fleuve and infinity: The play of finitude and endlessness in Proust, Woolf, and the open world video game
Sophie Bargues Rollins, 2015

"The Halfbreed": A translation of Balduin Moellhausen's "Der Halbrindianer"
Gabriela A. Gavande, 2015

"To be equally diverted and informed by every line": the ambivalent act of story-fashioning in a "Tale of a Tub"
Elizabeth Bejarano, 2015

A book to hold the event: "Acting out" and "working through" loss in Victor Hugo's Bug-Jargal
Julianne Dolores Ruetz, 2015

Science fiction futures and the ocean as history: Literature, diaspora, and Pacific War
Timothy Jitsuo Yamamura, 2014

"Bound--a Trouble--": Emily Dickinson and the Archive
Jessica Jeanne Beard, 2014

"Making to Taste: Culinary Experimentalism in Asian Pacific American Culture”
Stephanie Hedy Chan, 2014

En Medio de Un Gran circo: La Ciudad de México a través de las crónicas musicales de Maldita Vecindad y los Hijos del 5° Patio
Soledad Lujan, 2014

The Old West and New Pacific Frontiers: Surfers and "The Search" in American Oceanic Imaginary
Henry Trey Highton III, 2014

Disaster in Nineteenth-Century England and France: A Literary and Cultural History
Brian Emmett Malone, 2014

Minding "Our Cicero": Nineteenth-Century African-American Women's Rhetoric and the Classical Tradition
Heidi Elizabeth Morse, 2014

Proprioception and the Poetics of Architectonic Perspectives
Eireene Nealand, 2014

Continuity and Change:  Experimental Women's Writing and the Epic Tradition
Andrea Marie Quaid, 2014

Blood Wings: Feeling War in the Twenty-First Century
Brenda Samantha Sanfilippo, 2014

Beyond Completion: Towards a Genealogy of Unfinishable Novels
James Ramsey Wallen, 2014

The Pacific Wake: Literature, Culture, and History at Sea in the Era of Japanese-American Sea Power
Timothy Jitsuo Yamamura, 2014

Beyond the perceptual model: Toward a proprioceptive poetics
Eireene Nealand, 2014

Doubling the problemn of the color line: Mark Twain and W. E. B. Du Bois
Alexander James Davis, 2014

Psychoanalysis & rhetoric: Metaphors in the work of Meanie Klein & J.-B. Pontalis
Michael D. Holohan, 2014

Arctic Ecologies: The Politics and Poetics of Northern Literary Environments
Allison Katherine Athens, 2013

The Youth of the Nation: The Space-Time of Adolescence in the Turn of the Century United States
Albert Pinckney Connelly, 2013

Secret Histories/Impossible Objects: Towards a Hemispheric Poetics of Twentieth-Century Long Poems
Juliana I. Leslie, 2013

Fabulating soverignty with descartes, alice, derrida and some damn animals
Samantha Skinazi, 2013

The Testimonial World: Affect and Ethics in Latin American Literature and Film (1969-1991)
Cora Starker Gorman Malone, 2013

Poetics of Affect in Contemporary Feminist Poetry
Laurel Peacock, 2013

Translating the Mexican Revolution: Comparative American Studies and the U.S./Mexican Borderlands
Benjamin Alexander Spanbock, 2013

The Other Red Desert: Communism, Cinema, and Repetition in the Long '70s
Evan Calder Williams, 2013

Transfrontera translations: Language, culture, and history in the U.S./Mexican borderlands
Benjamin A. Spanbock, 2013

Freedom and formL Marxist hermeneutics and the Spinozist turn
Jeffery R. Marino, 2013

Once upon a Sibyl's tongue: Conjuring fairly tale [hi]stories for power and pleasure
Christina Luce, 2013

"Call me a Californio": Translating Hemispheric Legacies in Helen Hunt Jackson, Don Antonio Coronel, and Joé Martí
Chelsea Leah Pearson, 2013

Hearts of Darkness: Race and Urban Epistemology in American Noir
Bonnie Rhee Andryeyev, 2012

Beat subterranean:  Tactics of Assemblage and Worldmaking in Beat Generation Writing
James Michael Fazzino, 2012

Entangled Roots: Race, Historical Literature, and Citizenship in the Nineteenth-Century Americas
Thomas Francis Genova, 2012

"The Mechanisms. Light and Miraculous:"  The Convivial Bicycle in Literature and Film
J. Josh Guevara, 2012

Cosmopolis Now Urban Narratives in the Age of Global Migration
Jin Suh Jirn, 2012

"Calling the Magician": The Metamorphic Indo-Caribbean
Aliyah Ryhaan Khan, 2012

The Hardboiled and the Haunted: Race, Masculinity, and the Asian American Detective
Calvin Lee McMillin, 2012

The Comparative Geographies of Servitude: Servitude, Slavery, and Ideology in the 17th-and 18th-Century Anglo-American Atlantic
Laura Elizabeth Martin, 2012

Conjuring Freedom: Reconstructions and Revisions of Neo-Slave Narratives
Christine Lupo Montgomery, 2012

Fleshly Embodiments: Early Modern Monsters, Victorian Freaks, and Twentieth-Century Affective Spectatorship
Sara S. Orning, 2012

Dickens and Darwin
Nirshan Rex-Boniface Perera, 2012

Merging Skins: A Phenomenological and Social Account of Touch in the Latter Half of the Twentieth Century
Prema Purigali Prabhaker, 2012

The Shores of US Empire:  Islands and Geographies of Historical Struggle in the Literary Imagination
Emily Ann Scheese, 2012

Articulating Agency: Women in Shakespeare's History Plays
Emily Anna Sloan-Pace, 2012

Naturalizing Modernism: Literary Naturalist Obscenities in the Times of Modernism
Erik M. Bachman, 2011

Recycling Cuban Nationalism: 1898-1989
Virginia Rebecca Benitez, 2011

Some Versions of Menippea
Harold Christian Blood, 2011

Circling the Square: Publicness and the Transformations of the Modernist Performative Artifact
Kelly Anne Brown, 2011

Military Reading and Modern American Narrative
Stephen Douglass Carter, 2011

Indigenous Articulations of Identity and Island Place in Contemporary Kanaka Maoli and Ma'ohi Literatures
Dina El Dessouky, 2011

Literature and Oppositional Culture in Late Capitalism
Johanna Lynn Isaacson, 2011

The Experience of Class, Struggle and Warfare in Filipino American Novels
Sherwin F. Mendoza, 2011

Sexuality and the Space of the Room: Figurations of the Room in Modernist French and British Novels
Christina Lee Stevenson, 2011

Post-Western: Postmodern Fictions of the U.S. West
Jacob J. Thomas, 2011

“If words be made of breath”: Inspiration, book-making, and the Renaissance lyric
Michael Gregory Ursell, 2011

The Value of Storytelling: Charles Dickens, Wilkie Collins, George Eliot, and the Business of Novel-writing in the Nineteenth Century
Jon Michael Varese, 2011