Graduate Program

The graduate program in Literature offers qualified students an innovative multidisciplinary approach to literary studies under the guidance of an internationally recognized faculty. The program is relatively small and students work closely with faculty throughout their graduate careers. Graduate students are able to take advantage of a rich array of intellectual and cultural events, to participate in collaborative research clusters, and attend lectures by scholars whose work is transforming the discipline. The goal of the program is to develop scholars who will be qualified to teach in departments of national and comparative literatures, cultural studies, minority studies, and interdisciplinary programs.

The graduate program in literature at UCSC combines critical and independent thought with multi-lingual training and global perspectives. Students are able to devise their own program of study within these guidelines.

Literature students at UCSC work within and across the five areas. Each area cuts across linguistic, national, and period boundaries. In combination they allow students to blend critical approaches, literary traditions and/or cultural archives in comparative, multilingual, and interdisciplinary projects. Students may elect to participate in cooperative programs between Literature and Feminist Studies, Latin American and Latino Studies, or American Studies and receive a designated emphasis on their doctoral degree. Applications and requirements are available at the respective program and department offices.

Students typically take two years to complete the Master's degree and are well prepared to continue in a doctoral program elsewhere. Normative time for receiving a Ph.D. is seven years and graduates go on to teach at institutions of higher learning across the world. Ph.D. students are required to be able to read proficiently in at least two languages that are integral to their intellectual work, one of which must be English.

The Department of Literature at UCSC is affiliated with a range of university programs Creative Writing, Feminist Studies, History of Consciousness, Jewish Studies, Shakespeare Santa Cruz) and centers (The Dickens Project, The Center for Cultural Studies).

Inquiries should be directed to:

Sandra Yates
Graduate Program Advisor & Coordinator

Professor Susan Gillman
Graduate Program Director